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Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater by Mr. Heater

Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater
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In any world filled up with remarkable gadgets that are meant to cause our lives simpler, it may be tough to visualize that something new or perhaps seriously improved can come along. Mr. Heater is here now to convey to you that not only have we designed a completely new Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater for you, but that what we have created will probably setback the opposition apart. Never before has anybody designed this sort of amazingly valuable product so we will provide you the possiblity to own one for you.

As you well realise it will take more than simply saying that something will be both cutting edge or improved upon to really make it thus. We recognized this as we started to make our new Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater and also have been driven to ensure that it's everything you may possibly actually need. We attempted to produce a product that would not only be better than something our competition placed on the marketplace, but could leave them so far behind that there's no way they can come close to making up ground.

Since you now know our Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater might be positioned as the greatest available on the market, what can we perhaps do to make it better yet? For starters we've included quite a few extras which none of the others on the market seem to have even thought of. However, since the genuine indication of a terrific product is in delivering authentic value, we've established the price so exceptionally reduced that they are flying off the shelves.

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Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Single Tank-Top Propane Heater is mounted directly to a 20-pound propane cylinder and requires no electricity. It uses manual ignition, and reaches its full heat output in seconds as well as made of rugged durable materials. This has an safety shutoff which facilitates easy installation.


  • Mounted directly to a 20-pound propane cylinder and requires no electricity
  • Uses manual ignition, and reaches its full heat output in seconds
  • Safety shutoff
  • Mounts directly to 5- to 20-pound propane cylinders (not included)
  • Adequate ventilation must be provided; 1-year limited warranty

Mr. Heater MH15T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater Specifications

If you're looking for simplicity and convenience in an outdoor-only heater, the Mr. Heater MH12T 8,000-14,000 Btu single tank-top propane heater may be the answer. As the name implies, this unit mounts directly to the top of a five- to 20-pound propane cylinder (sold separately). To allow you to choose between conserving fuel or kicking out more heat, the MH12T has three settings, Hi (14,000 Btu), Med (12,000 Btu), and Lo (8,000 Btu). The heater shuts off automatically with loss of flame. Do not use in unventilated areas. One-year limited warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Heater (replacement safety shutoff with orifice assembly, thermocouple lead, plenum assembly, grid screen assembly, replacement regulator with soft nose POL, wire faceguard, knurled lock nut, reflector, replacement regulator H-M-L w/S.S., tank union T/C, orifice)

Five Tips for Buying a Heater
Choosing a space heater is a matter of sifting through a bewildering array of types, power ratings, and fuel sources. Let's break it down a little to make the process easier.

What are the different types of space heaters?

  • Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly warms the objects in front of the heaters (rather than the surrounding air). If you only need heat by a desk or in a small section of a room, a radiant heater is quiet and will use very little power.
  • Forced-air heaters use a fan to blow air that has been warmed by metal or ceramic heating elements. A forced-air heater is appropriate for quickly heating up a small- to medium-sized room, but can be noisy.
  • Convection heaters draw cold air from the floor; the air is warmed by heating coils and emitted from the top of the heater. A convection heater is appropriate for quickly heating up a small- to medium-sized room, but also can be noisy.
  • Radiators work by heating oil enclosed in a reservoir, gradually heating the surrounding air. If heating speed isn't an issue, you might want to opt for a radiator. These are extremely quiet and effective--perfect for bedrooms.

Should I buy an electric or a combustion model?
If you want a heater that will be available in emergencies, or that can heat areas larger than a single room, choose a "combustion" model--one that is powered by a gas or fuel like propane, kerosene, natural gas, or diesel. Which fuel type you choose depends largely on convenience and local availability. For example, diesel would be appropriate for a heater you take with you on long car trips.

How powerful a heater do I need?
Heaters are rated by BTU, which stands for British Thermal Unit (the amount of heat needed to heat one pound of water by 1 degree F). To find out how many BTU you need:

  • Calculate the volume of the space to be heated by multiplying square footage by height.
  • Multiply that number by 4 if your insulation is poor, 3 if it's average, or 2 if it's good.
The resulting number is a ballpark figure for how many BTU you'll need.

Do space heaters cost a lot to operate?
As a general rule, electric space heaters are more expensive to use than combustion models. To ensure energy efficiency, a thermostat is a must-have feature for any heater. For radiant heaters, models with a 360 degree heating surface can heat larger spaces. If you need a forced-air heater, models with ceramic elements tend to be more efficient.

Are space heaters a fire hazard?
Space heaters are implicated in about 25,000 residential fires every year. To ensure proper safety, always follow the manufacturer's usage instructions and fill out the warranty card to receive informational updates from the manufacturer. Also, look for extra safety features such as an automatic shutoff switch that can shut down the unit if, for example, it gets upended. In addition, choose a model where the heating element is adequately enclosed within the unit.

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